The lengths dicks will go to keep Vaginas from playing with robots. TOWANDA!!!

The lengths d*cks will go to keep women from playing with robots.

Fried Green Tomatoes was by far one of my favorite movies. It was where women’s war cry TOWANDA! came about in this movie about oppression and abuse in the deep south. It was a film of rebellion, loss and redemption and Kathy Bates brought in the flavor of how a woman in her 40’s finding herself a hot, sweaty, menopausal mess rose from the ashes a generation later yelling TOWANDA!


I attended my second technology meeting (this one my first being in JavaScript) this time, although statistically there were double the number of men at close to 20, the speaker brought his niece, thus bringing the estrogen count to 2. I sat in the front and in the back sat the moderator of the previous legendary meeting “See The Only Woman”.

Until an incident happened in this new class, I had hoped that my bearded neighbor who told me I didn’t belong because I was a woman was singular in his campaign to rid technology of Women.

Alas, no.

As I proceeded to mention to the current meeting speaker in JavaScript misinformation given to me about NO JS language which I understood to be a mixture of GO and JS, the moderator of the previous Go meeting sitting in the back took up the fine art of coughing. Loud coughing for the duration of my question and answer and mysteriously managed to refrain from the loud coughing before and after my question.

This Go moderator was asked when his next meeting was during the class, as it had not been posted online and this JavaScript speaker wanted to announce the next meeting to the group as a courtesy between “professionals”. Uncomfortably, he said the 25th of the month. As I am a member of his group, I received an automatic update. Of course, I RSVPed as I stated in my protest/sit-in I would attend all meetings as there were still no other woman in technology classes.

Then, driving today, it hit me. My bearded neighbor who had told me I didn’t belong kept telling me that I would not be interested in this new language, complimenting me in the high level technology languages I already worked with, this low level Go language was really not for me, I would not be interested, it was server based.

However, the question he couldn’t answer was why he and the rest of the group were interested in this language in the first place?

The answer came loud and clear in the invitation:

“Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

This month:

August robot zombie hack night. We have nine Spheros on loan from Startup Edmonton. If you want a fun way to play with Go, please RSVP and come out.”

This language permits you to program robots! Low level language for servers only indeed!


Then I looked up Spheros as I had no idea what they were. If I Googled correctly, they will be programming balls to roll around on command though an app? 9 balls, how apropos! So these men will be playing with their 9 balls and I know what’s going to happen to the only woman in the room.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t have enough balls for you, you can sit in the corner and watch.” smile.



Dispatch “Geraldo” to the rescue!

My new electronic pet turtle. He beeps, he plays music, he moves, he annoys, no chocolate droppings yet. Stay tuned!

My new electronic pet turtle. He beeps, he plays music, he moves, he annoys, no chocolate droppings yet. Stay tuned!

Geraldo” is my pet iturtle which sells for over $100 new but I rescued it from Goodwill for a mere $3. He is an interactive robot/speaker. I emailed my son-in-law who is a mechanical engineer and programs manufacturing robots for a living. I asked him for help. Can he send me links on how to best program “Geraldo” using the Go computer language as I couldn’t find any hacks.

I asked someone who was not in the class but we keep running into each other.  He stated the obvious, “Geraldo” responds to sound waves. Thus programming his movements should be related to sound waves.

Then I had another thought, he, he, he. “The Google” found a great variety of Italian videos that played the funniest word in the Italian language.

OK Class, let’s practice together now…


It’s a rap, it’s a song, it was in several songs, it is right up there as the verbal version of the Italian salute.

“Geraldo” is going to SING in Italian while lighting up and moving his head and paw.

‘Cause he rolls that way!

Use your gifts for good, not evil.

Not much anyways ; )