It’s me being my usual Aspie self, I found a tavern with a ladie’s room that was a photographer’s dream! I am minutes away from going into a meeting where I will be told I don’t belong. I knew it was going to be a cold crowd. Yeesh!

It’s 5:10 a.m. Saturday morning.

I can’t sleep, which for me, is a big deal as I normally hate mornings and would rather sleep through them. I have been disturbed by events that have happened lately. Although more major events have disturbed me before, these particular events akin to finding out there is no Santa and the Tooth Fairy was a con.

As an avid RV’er, living full time in my 25 foot Ford Class C “Chateau” (which is french for castle, irony knows no bounds) I would consider myself somewhat of an expert in the lifestyle and a fan of all things to do with Rving.

So when I found out, as many others did as well, that my favorite YouTube channel RV show “disappeared” (as in was deleted) yesterday, coincidentally at the same time that the star of the show’s kick-starter projects were totally funded by his fans. Well, his fans did not go down without a fight. Amongst themselves. With a flamethrower, so to speak, one vocal fan in particular created a community Facebook page disparaging this favorite RV “expert” as a fake and a fraud, who took off with funds and no intention to fulfill the goal everyone supported him for.

I, on the other hand, felt the lone voice of reason, pointed out that WE DID NOT OWN HIM and HE DID NOT OWE US ANYTHING. That whatever was going on, were his issues to deal with, depression (including suicidal thoughts as another academy winning film director had just committed suicide), stalking, hacked sites (as my own websites had been hacked several times), medical issues (as I had survived a couple of surgeries myself), mental health issues, arrest warrants, unpaid child support, IRS tax audit were a few reasons that came to mind and that he also could very well be working on his documentary as he said he would, being he was a film student anyways.

The debate raged with a particular viscous intensity.

That was the day after my mechanic aka neighbor by default (as I was parked in the industrial area next to my mechanic’s shop waiting for him to finish the work on my RV) tried to sell me a brand new tire for $150. He looked at me straight faced, with one black eye and a tiny dog on a leash. I pointed out I only needed one more tire anyways and had no budget as I was no longer working full time. We are supposed to barter parts and services. My web design skills and domain I purchased for him in exchange for him to make my RV road worthy. The impasse seems to be the tires. They are 16 1/2 inch rims and it seems that the 8 hole Dodge rims (which there were plenty of) don’t fit the 8 hole Ford rims (which there were almost none of). So all of the tires must be switched out. I had 5 tires and 6 dodge rims (one tire was brand new). I woke up this morning, at 5:00am thinking;

“Wait a minute! Did he just…nooooo…did he just try and SELL ME MY OWN TIRE?”

PMS has it’s benefits, fake or otherwise (I had a hysterectomy almost 2 years ago, still have my ovaries last I checked, so no  menstrual cycles, but teary eyed chocolate fueled monthly emotional sways, even if subtle, are still in full gear between hot flashes and sweaty nights) As I was saying, PMS has it’s benefits. It saved my life once and it’s a great time to go into collection mode, finish projects, and hunt down assholes.

Yeah, I said it. LOL…

I counted the tires the next morning. All have been accounted for. The new one he tried to sell me was the wrong size. It’s a 16 inch rim and I need a 16 1/5 inch. I can’t believe I lost sleep over this.

Not like the time I watched “The Hand” which is the nickname I gave a man who is sleeping across the street in the back of a cube van. Nothing worst than watching a hand pull down the door of a truck FROM THE INSIDE and not come out.

I saw the movie, it did not end well.

Use Your Powers for Good, Not Evil