Sister Media is a women’s business and survival magazine. It’s a jungle out there !


How exciting!  A women’s business AND survival magazine all wrapped into one!  Was it necessary?  Let’s see, there’s sexual harassment in the work place, as well as work place violence, workplace bullying, etc… Then you go home and you are dealing with a variety of issues that affect your business.  Because, let’s face it, we take work home. We answer the phone, we work 2 jobs and raise kids and fix supper and deal with every day challenges.

This magazine is meant to be humorous and not high brow. It’s real. It’s authentic. And it will have a variety of ladies to share their experiences as well, after the make-up comes off with the boxing gloves and high heels.  We chat, we share, we laugh and we cry.

Join us.


Maria Miccoli

Editor in Chief & Owner

Sister Media Magazine



Maria Miccoli